Reaching Out

Originally posted by Lisa Meloncon on Mar 29, 2015

One of the most exciting things as of late is the fact that our little movement here–this #womeninTC–idea seems to be really taking hold. Why do I say this? Well, because I’ve been surprised from the beginning about the number of people who have reached out to me and the other members of the steering committee for advice or support.  What has struck me as of late is the momentum and people wanting to get involved.

From our Mentor Mondays on Twitter–just follow #womeninTC– to the different events we’ve held at different conferences to the phone calls and impromptu Q&As, it’s all evidence of a need within the larger community, a need for help and support.

So I titled this post, “Reaching Out,” intentionally.  I wanted to say thank you to all of you who have reached out because it’s that kind of energy and commitment to wanting to do this job well and in a balanced way that makes all the hard work behind the scenes worth it.

I also wanted to remind each of you that you can reach out to any of us in the greater community.  Don’t let the concern that you’re bothering someone or that people are too busy to help. We’re all busy, but I feel pretty confident in speaking for many people I know, we’re generally never too busy to help someone who needs it.

There’s no shame in reaching out. There isn’t some master book that tells you how to do this job and there sure as hell isn’t a chapter that says you have to figure things out by yourself. So at this time of the semester, it’s a struggle to balance it all and it seems that everyone needs something right now. If you’re in need of a reality check about how to prioritize or how to kindly tell  colleagues they may need to wait an extra day or two or anything else, truly reach out.

And don’t be surprised if someone reaches out to you.

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