End of term list

16 December 2017 by Lisa Meloncon

Sometimes you have too many things to say that they all get jumbled up in your head. When this happens to me, I have to completely step away from it all and just let my mind work it out. That’s what has happened recently when I was trying to decide on a blog topic for the end of the term. (And hey, you wanna write something. Just email.)

I have a whole lot of thoughts about things that have been circulating about higher education and the world and women and well, you get the idea. But there are so many thoughts, I can’t find an angle to focus on. To try get me moving in the right direction, I did what I normally do, and that is, think in terms of a bulleted list that will fit on a sticky note.

I asked myself, “what would I put on a self-care list to remind me that things will be ok?” What phrases or advice would I give myself or others at times of high (work) stress, like the end of the term.

Here’s what I came up with:

And when I had written this list, I realized that each of these has been the topic of an existing blog. Maybe one or two will resonate with you and help ease you through.

These are good reminders as we move into the “break,” which is a time that can still remain stressful with holiday commitments or over planning our schedules (and then feeling disappointed when we don’t accomplish things).

Let me encourage you to be kind to yourself. Do fun things and focus on just being you.

Wishing you a peaceful and joyful end of the term.



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