Talks are online, informal discussions that offer opportunities to learn about particular topics related to teaching, research, service, or ways to succeed to in this job. The goal of our “Talks” series is to provide you with virtual engagement opportunities around topics of interest. Each Talk has a facilitator or a panel, but all attendees are invited to offer ideas, discussion problems or voice concerns. We also welcome Talk participants to help develop materials that other Women in Tech Comm can use related to the Talk topic.

As we continue to hold different kinds of Talks, you can find summaries and resources for those here.

Most of our “Talks” series topics come from you. So if you’d like to participate in a talk around a specific topic related to research, teaching, or service, please contact us and let us know!

Fall 2016 Talks:

Job Market Discussion
16 September 2016

  • Dawn Opel, Michigan State University
  • Liz Angeli, Marquette University
  • Julie Staggers, Washington State University

See the Job Market resources page for additional information, as well as our blogs on planning a job search, doing a job search when you have a job, and describing yourself.

Early Career Panel
28 October 2016

  • Laura Palmer, Kennesaw State University
  • Huiling Ding, North Carolina State University
  • Ann Brady, Michigan Tech University
  • Ann Blakeslee, Eastern Michigan University

Research Strategies
18 November 2016


 2015-2016 Talks

Future of the Field
5 February 2016

Civic Engagement and Social Justice
4 March 2016

Making Your Service Count: Follow Up to ATTW Luncheon
22 April 2016