2018 ATTW Luncheon Strategies

The ATTW Luncheon in 2018 focused on aligning our values and priorities with our schedules. The last activity had the tables discussing strategies to ensure that we could align our values and priorities with our schedules. Each table was given the task of sharing one strategy that others could take back and implement. Here are the strategies that were shared.

  • practice self care such as prioritizing sleep, do one thing just for yourself every week (the example of a weekly massage was given)
  • schedule time away from the office
  • figure out what makes you less anxious
  • incorporate time management and planning
  • stop being the flexible one
  • offer action items to others (e.g., getting stopped in the hallway for something, you should counter with “can you email me to remind me?”)
  • manage grading effectively so that you do not overt-spend time on it (e.g., incorporate grading strategies, include a revise and resubmit on the syllabus, etc.)
  • make time to talk to people who understand what you’re doing
  • commit to meetings only when you have time (and the related suggestion of trying to keep meetings on specific days)
  • do you: figure out when you do the best work and try to maximize that time for difficult or thought intensive tasks

Thank you, Joanna Schrieber (Georgia Southern) for taking these notes of the shared strategies.